• T Toular

    I have a few more suggestions for you. Some of these we discussed in game, but I thought I would refresh your memory in case you forgot; I know how busy you are.

    1. Allow glim and Ada on the transmutation rods
    2. Allow the Expand spell for all priests/Champions
    3. Allow for Seryl lump drops when mining
    4. Place star gems on the trader at spawn (at a reasonable price, ie 3-5 silver per gem)
    5. Consider adding the Mark and Recall mod (using runes)
    6. Increase the size capacity on all containers
    7. Allow for the sort/ no sort on containers

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  • T Toular

    1. Make the storage containers have sorting capability and also increase the storage size
    2. Add the sacrifice mod to allow saccing rare items to get a rare bone
    3. Add in something that gives Karma, such as burying or burning dead creatures. To make that more desirable possibly pay a small sum and karma. Other servers would pay only 1 iron and 100 karma. This would encourage players to bury or burn and helps keep the server clean. You need a lot of karma to animate when you preserve.
    4. Give the Bag of Holding and Expand spells for all priest types
    5. Increase the creature count and the dangerous creature percentage for those who want to hunt and increase fighting skills
    6. Allow for 5 or 10 clay per dig as it takes a long time to get this resource
    7. Implement the Leaderboard mod

    Also I was wondering about not having permissions on my Dragon Wagon. Is that unique to that wagon or are all wagons like that?

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  • T Toular

    Do you have a minimum distance in mind for the guard towers. Other servers I have played on usually set it at 50 to 55 tiles. Also, I am requesting permission to extend our existing road all the way to spawn. I realize that this will take quite a while to complete, but my brothers and I have finished projects this big before.

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