• N Nexiv

    Two issues at the moment.

    First issue I came by, I wasnt aware I couldnt teleport with my wagon, and now I can no longer ride it. It is currently stuck at a portal at the castle black.

    Second issue, at Pandora, I used the portal that was located by where the custom wagon designs are suppose to be, teleported me to the middle of no where. I wasnt in the water, but floating above it and still getting attacked by the sharks in the vicinity. Afraid of logging back in due to the issue. (Attached images with scanner showing the sharks that were attacking)

    ![Image one showing sharks and floating.](a685ec3c-7a63-47ef-a9fb-dbff0f75d3f2-20210910085401_1.jpg 1.)

    ![Land in distance from floating location.](668a9d58-4b16-4ee3-bc40-44389c9d246b-20210910085358_1.jpg 2)

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