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    Deed Taxes

    In order to keep enough land open for new players to settle on, this server uses a system called Deed Taxes to automatically disband deeds of long-inactive players.

    Inactive Upkeep Increase

    After 30 days of inactivity, a player's upkeep will have an extra tax applied to it. This tax is 3% for every day since last login, meaning that after 30 days of regular, taxless upkeep, a 90% tax will be applied because of the accumulated inactive days, then 93% for the 31st day, and so on.

    The inactive timer will be immediately reset upon login, so a login within every 30 days will avoid this tax completely.

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    Maintenance Schedule

    Server maintenance for planned updates and fixes will take place weekly during the following time periods:

    • Monday 7AM-11AM CST
    • Friday 1AM-3AM CST

    Maintenance schedule is subject to change in case of unexpected issues or time restraints.

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