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    The following ways are known to give karma:

    • Drink source liquid found in source springs and source fountains.
    • Eat source salt found when mining.
    • Contribute to missions.
    • Bury corpses for 10 karma (You gain an additional 10 karma if you are a champion)

    You can see the your current karma level in the "Using your karma" window. You use karma by right clicking on your body:

    Uses for Karma

    Karma is used to cast spells granted to players through sorcery or the default karma spells. Information on the default karma spells can be found below.

    Karma Options Description
    Light up 50 tiles radius (500 karma) Lights up any lanterns within 50 tiles radius.
    Light up 100 tiles radius (1500 karma) Lights up any lanterns within 100 tiles radius.
    Light up 200 tiles radius (3000 karma) Lights up any lanterns within 200 tiles radius.
    Summon corpse (3000 karma, 5 minutes delay) Summons your corpse in your inventory.
    Town Portal (1000 karma, enemies block) Instantly teleports yuo back to your village.

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    Hunt of the Ancients (PVP Zone)

    The Hunt of the Ancients (HotA) is a contest invented by the deities in order to reward bravery and strengthen the soul of humans by luring them into danger. This area is PVP and only takes a small portion of the map.

    This area is full loot and if you are killed, players can loot your body. However, they can only do so while inside the zone as the rest of the server is PVE only.

    The HotA takes place in a special zone called the HotA zone. There is one on Cerulean which can be found on the live map.

    When the Hunt begins, ten pillars and a few speed shrines will be created in the zone. To conquer a pillar, right click > "Conquer".

    The first village or alliance to conquer 4 pillars wins.

    36 hours after the time of completion, a new HotA will take place.

    The prize is a very special statue filled with glittering items (A list can found here). Prizes include medallions, glimmersteel, and adamantine lumps. Special player titles can also be awarded based on the number of wins attributed to that player or their village/alliance.

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