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Update 2.12.18
Update News Crafters mod was updated, hopefully relieving some wierd ID bugs between contracts Crafter base imping prices have fluctuated up due to a silver shortage within the kingdom. Crafter Contracts were increased to 50 silver Crafters will no longer imp minedoors of any kind. Crafters will now charge extra for imping moon metal and dragon armor items. Artifacts Returned to the wild

All artifacts have returned to the earth on Cerulean.
Players can now find them using the Locate Artifact Spell from every deity!
Players also do not need to recharge at the whitelight, any deity can use the recharge spell now.

For more info on each artifact and what they do, take a look at the Official Wiki pages.

Reminder that we are taking GMs, CMs, and CAs to help on the server

Take a look at the following forum post: http://kkamui.xyz/forum/topic/38/community-assistants-applications-open

For more information on becoming a GM: http://kkamui.xyz/forum/topic/32/gm-applictions-open
For more information on becoming a CM: http://kkamui.xyz/forum/topic/33/chat-moderator-applications-open

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Artifacts Returned to the wild
Update News

All artifacts have returned to the earth on Cerulean.
Players can now find them using the Locate Artifact Spell from every deity!
Players also do not need to recharge at the whitelight, any deity can use the recharge spell now.

For more info on each artifact and what they do, take a look at the Official Wiki pages.

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General Wurm Discussion for everything wurm! Even Screenshots!

Unique Slaying - 10/23/2021 @ 5PM CST [EVENT]

I will be hosting a unique slaying event this weekend! I have trapped multiple uniques so come join in a on the fun!

Loot? Open loot with /random rolls
Where? Meet @ Celestia and we will be traveling to Fate
When? 10/23/2021 @ 5PM CST/6PM EST

Bring your best damage dealing weapons and armour!

Loot will be open! We do loot by doing a /random roll if multiple people want the same thing, the person with the highest /random roll will get that piece of loot aswell.

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Unique Slaying [EVENT ENDED]

Event concluded and went well! Join us next time!!!

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Tutorials and helpful articles about the changes on this server


The following ways are known to give karma:

Drink source liquid found in source springs and source fountains. Eat source salt found when mining. Contribute to missions. Bury corpses for 10 karma (You gain an additional 10 karma if you are a champion)

You can see the your current karma level in the "Using your karma" window. You use karma by right clicking on your body:

Uses for Karma

Karma is used to cast spells granted to players through sorcery or the default karma spells. Information on the default karma spells can be found below.

Karma Options Description Light up 50 tiles radius (500 karma) Lights up any lanterns within 50 tiles radius. Light up 100 tiles radius (1500 karma) Lights up any lanterns within 100 tiles radius. Light up 200 tiles radius (3000 karma) Lights up any lanterns within 200 tiles radius. Summon corpse (3000 karma, 5 minutes delay) Summons your corpse in your inventory. Town Portal (1000 karma, enemies block) Instantly teleports yuo back to your village.

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Hunt of the Ancients (PVP Zone)
Hunt of the Ancients (PVP Zone)

The Hunt of the Ancients (HotA) is a contest invented by the deities in order to reward bravery and strengthen the soul of humans by luring them into danger. This area is PVP and only takes a small portion of the map.

This area is full loot and if you are killed, players can loot your body. However, they can only do so while inside the zone as the rest of the server is PVE only.

The HotA takes place in a special zone called the HotA zone. There is one on Cerulean which can be found on the live map.

When the Hunt begins, ten pillars and a few speed shrines will be created in the zone. To conquer a pillar, right click > "Conquer".

The first village or alliance to conquer 4 pillars wins.

36 hours after the time of completion, a new HotA will take place.

The prize is a very special statue filled with glittering items (A list can found here). Prizes include medallions, glimmersteel, and adamantine lumps. Special player titles can also be awarded based on the number of wins attributed to that player or their village/alliance.

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Think you encountered a bug? Post it here!

Portal at Pandora issue and wagon is stuck.

Looked like some of the portals had their coords not set correctly. That should be fixed now.

I also summoned your wagon back to you. Unfortunately the portals don't teleport vehicles and there isn't a way to fix that to easily

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Have a suggestion for a new game feature? This is the section for you

Suggestions from Dangerfield

@toular said in Suggestions from Dangerfield:

I have a few more suggestions for you. Some of these we discussed in game, but I thought I would refresh your memory in case you forgot; I know how busy you are.

Allow glim and Ada on the transmutation rods Allow the Expand spell for all priests/Champions Allow for Seryl lump drops when mining Place star gems on the trader at spawn (at a reasonable price, ie 3-5 silver per gem) Consider adding the Mark and Recall mod (using runes) Increase the size capacity on all containers Allow for the sort/ no sort on containers

Thanks for the suggestions! I'll reply to each

Adding on next update Bag of holding should be active for all priests types, ill look into it Adding on next update I'll be adding this next time I can to every spawn but it won't be so cheap as these gems are really rare and used in sorcery also There are farwalker twigs and stones which do the same thing but require silver at the traders to buy so I won't be adding Mark and recall. It's also very outdated and crashes new versions of wurm server and I don't update other author's mods, only my own. We have huge crates(500 items) and the bag of holding mods that will expand containers. I don't want to increase volume for everything past that because it becomes a technical problem and also really throws off balance. Instead I want to create new bigger crate types that are harder to make but hold alot more items. Been looking for the mod for this but I can't find it anymore

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Gain money by expanding the server!

Infrastructure Bill
What is the Infrastructure Bill?

The Infrastructure bill was created to encourage players to build more infrastructure like roads that fit under the highway build guidelines and towers along those roads to make it easier for players locate and find deeds in the farthest corners of the map with an ongoing reward for doing so.

How does it work? Rewards for towers: 1s per tower Rewards for highways: 5s per 150 tiles

Players must first create roads according to the highway rule guidelines

We will recognize and protect highways from griefing only if it meets the following conditions:

Highways need atleast one sign designating it is an official highway. To submit for a highway to be considered as official Infrastructure please send a formal request to a GM member by forum mail. Highways need to be 2 or 3 tiles wide and needs exceed 150 tiles long to be compensated.

If the highway does not meet these requirements, it will not be eligible for compensation.

Tower creators will be rewarded per tower and can be placed at the minimum distance the game allows you to place them. Tower contributors will not be rewarded coin, only the creator. This is to encourage other players finishing the towers instead of a single person if it is made by a group of people.

Getting your money

Players MUST create a post in this forum section in order to be paid or else it will be ignored as it is not trackable otherwise. We want to keep record of top contributors for rewards at the end of the month.

This also makes it easier for others to modify roads if they wish as you willl need to post to ask for road edit permission if you are not the creator or contributor.

If you do not following these guidelines or do not post in this forum section, you cannot receive payment. So please read this and follow the template

To receive compensation for your work, you must post in the following format

Post Title: Highway OR Tower near/to DEED NAME [COMPLETED/WIP/ONGOING] Post title must indicate rather its a HIGHWAY or a TOWER to and from nearby deeds and rather it is completed, work in progress or an ongoing project. Post Body must contain all details regarding where the highway is coming from and where it is going to if its a highway. If its a tower and not a highway, the post body must only contain where the tower is near, the name of the maker and the QL you created or imped it to Post body must also contain the date these towers/highways were created and finished on to record keeping.

Posts without this formatting are unlikely to receive payment. We look forward to seeing you helping expand the server!

Other details

Players may also use their post for their roads to keep records for the public as to who owns what highway. This will also make it easier for GMs to determine if griefing has occurred along the highway and protect it as such against players who intend to do harm to it.

Players with ongoing projects must indicate progress within their thread to keep GMs updated so the road can be protected for the entire length and any new progress that has been made.

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